Coaching the next generation of girls basketball

Our Mission

To promote the sport and create opportunities for women and girls of all ages and abilities to get involved in basketball.


School to Club Pathway

Primary School: Years 3-6 -> U10 Open Session OR U12 Open session

Secondary School: Years 7-11 -> U12 Open session OR U14 Open session OR All Girls session

Performance Pathway

Girls can be selected to represent our Junior Club Teams below:

U10 mixed -> U12 CVL Girls Team -> U14 NBL Girls Team -> U16 NBL Girls Team

If you would like to tryout for one of our teams, please contact us

Why Every Girl Should Play Basketball!

Work Ethic!

Basketball allows girls to develop an incredible work ethic. You are not just representing yourself when you are playing in a game, but you are representing your team. The work ethic you gain by consistently pushing yourself to be as good as your teammates helps you in all areas of life, including school.


Whatever you choose to do in life, you have to be able to work with people effectively. Basketball is a team sport and in order to win you must work together as a team and utilise everyone’s strengths.

New Friends!

For many girls, their only friends are their school friends because school is where they spend most of their time. However, being on a basketball team gives you the opportunity to meet a bunch of other girls.