Terms and Conditions

1. General

The below terms and conditions relate to the LIONS BASKETBALL online booking facility for after school clubs, open sessions, and holiday camps.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully prior to using the online payment facility. Once payment has been taken this means that you have accept the LIONS BASKETBALL Online Booking Terms.

Parents/ Carers must ensure, and are responsible for giving the most up to date and accurate medical information about the child on the above mentioned form.

Lions Basketball cannot take responsibility in the event that inaccurate information is given in relation to a child’s medical conditions.

2. Definition of Terms

Parent/Carer: Persons responsible for the child attending course/sessions.

School Session/Open Sessions: Advertised LIONS BASKETBALL school session, before, at lunchtime or after school.  Course referrers to the whole term booking.

Camps: LIONS BASKETBALL Holiday Camps that run in half-term or school holidays.

Course Duration: Duration of LIONS BASKETBALL session term as advertised on the LIONS BASKETBALL website.

Waiting List: Waiting list for courses and sessions are available on the website and a parent/carer will be contacted prior to the course/session starting to be offered a place, subject to availability.   Parents may book on the waiting list with no charge.

3. The Contract:

Once a parent/carer has booked a place via the LIONS BASKETBALL online booking service, (via Webcollect) an email confirming that LIONS BASKETBALL has received and accepted your booking will be sent. The agreement with LIONS BASKETBALL will come into effect once the on-line booking payment has been taken and the medical and emergency contact form has been completed. The contract will only be formed once this email confirmation has been received.

It is important to retain this email as confirmation of your booking.

Please note registration onto a waiting list for a booking does not amount to a contract.

4. On-Line Booking

All bookings taken for LIONS BASKETBALL holiday camps, school sessions and open sessions will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, via the LIONS BASKETBALL website. In order to secure the place and booking, payment will be taken in full via our online booking service. LIONS BASKETBALL customers will be required to set up an initial account with Webcollect to facilitate the booking process

5. Last Minute Bookings

All bookings and payments must be completed prior to the start of the camp or session. Registration and bookings may be accepted on the day via our online booking system, subject to the capacity availability of the camp or session.

Please note that LIONS BASKETBALL cannot guarantee a place on the day of purchase and availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Customers will be required to show proof of purchase for last minute booking via the LIONS BASKETBALL booking confirmation email and will be asked to complete registration at the camp registration desk.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to camp.  Please note once the coaches are in session LIONS BASKETBALL coaches will be unable to accept children into the camp.

6. Payment

LIONS BASKETBALL accepts payment by the online booking services, Webcollect. This platform processes payments via the following services:

  1. Bank Transfer:
  2. GoCardless which accepts all major credit cards. GoCardless Terms of Service

LIONS BASKETBALL club does not accept cash or cheques.

In the event a customer is unable to pay by the above mentioned payment methods, please contact the LIONS BASKETBALL Office.

7. Refunds and Cancellation

Once the school Term course has commenced, LIONS BASKETBALL will not issue refunds for general illness / term time holiday taken or non-attendance.  A credit note will be issued in the event of injury or illness if supported by a certified medical note.

A credit note is valid for use in the next available term’s school session.  In the event a child is unable to use the credit towards the schools sessions, the credit note will be valid for 6 months from date of purchase. The credit note may be applied to LIONS BASKETBALL holiday camps and open sessions. Please note this does not apply to the LIONS BASKETBALL teams fees.

In the event of a price variation the parent/carer will be required to pay the difference.  In the event of an overpayment, LIONS BASKETBALL will offer a refund or credit towards the following terms sessions/course, credit note terms apply, reference clause 7. Paragraph, 2.

8. Cancellation Prior to Course Commencement date and Booking Fees

Payments returned may be subject to bank charges. LIONS BASKETBALL do not accept liability for bank charges or the booking fees taken by webcollect and GoCardless.  ‘LIONS BASKETBALL’ will refund only the advertised booking price on the date of the booking.

Cancellation of bookings for, open sessions and school session courses require 10 days’ notice prior to the advertised course term start date. Holiday camps require 48 hrs prior to the advertised camp start date.  Once the term has commenced refunds will no longer be given, reference clause, (3) for Credit Terms.

9. Cancellations or changes due to ‘Circumstances beyond Our Control’

In this clause, an ‘event’, means an event cancelled beyond the control of LIONS BASKETBALL, the operator of the courses/sessions, which prevents LIONS BASKETBALL from complying and fulfilling their obligations, these examples, include and are not limited to;

  1. Unexpected School closure
  2. Road Closures or Traffic accidents (Coach must show reasonable effort to attend the session)
  3. Severe Weather conditions
  4. Unexpected last minute cancellation of LIONS BASKETBALL Hall or Grounds or facility booking.
  5. The start time of a basketball session/course is amended at the request of the school.

LIONS BASKETBALL will do its best to reasonably offer an alternative session, however if this is not possible due to term-time constraints or facility availability the session will not be carried over to the following term.

10. Early Arrivals and Late Collections

Early Arrival

Parents/carers should ensure that children arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to school and open sessions.  LIONS BASKETBALL Coaches cannot take responsibility for children who arrive early.

In respect of holiday camps, a child may arrive 15 minutes prior to camp in order to complete registration.

Late Pick Up

A child must be picked up at the advertised end time of a session/ course/ camp.  In the event of a late pick up a coach will reserve the right to leave the child with a responsible adult within the school environment.  Please note coaches have commitments to other schools and need to leave promptly. LIONS BASKETBALL is not a registered child care facility and obligation and responsibility will end at the end time of the advertised session.

11. Behaviour and Exclusion

LIONS BASKETBALL coaches expect a certain level of behaviour at all times which is agreed prior to the course starting. LIONS BASKETBALL Coaches reserve the right to exclude a child from the session or course, if it is deemed that the child’s behaviour is continually disruptive.  In this event a refund or credit will not be issued to the parent.

12. Medical Information

LIONS BASKETBALL coaches are not permitted to administer an EpiPen unless written consent is given by a parent or carer.  This will only be administered under the understanding that staff may not be qualified to do so.  The parents must accept full responsibility for this.

Parents and guardians must provide the most up to date medical information about the child that is booked onto a course or session; this includes any allergies that the coaches would need to be aware of during the sessions.

LIONS BASKETBALL do not take responsibility for the administration of medication during session time, unless it is asthma related or an emergency situation.  Additional instructions must be provided in writing and presented to the coach at the beginning of each session.

All LIONS BASKETBALL coaches are certified First Aiders (certificates available on request). By agreeing to these terms and conditions you give the LIONS BASKETBALL staff or coaches consent to respond in an appropriate manner in the event of an accident or injury and administer the necessary first aid.

In the event of an emergency, LIONS BASKETBALL staff will seek professional medical help and contact the parent/carer named on the register at the earliest convenience once the child has been attended to.

13. Lost Property

Please do not allow children to bring valuable belongings to the sessions.  LIONS BASKETBALL cannot accept liability for lost stolen or damaged property.

Please make sure that all property, for example, clothing, bags and kit, are clearly marked with the child’s name.  At the end of an open or school session all lost property will be left with the specific school or venue.

In relation to holiday camps, lost property will be collected on the last available day of the camp and held at the LIONS BASKETBALL office for a month.  At the end of this period all unclaimed Items will be donated to charity.

It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the LIONS BASKETBALL office to ask about lost property in the event property has been lost at the holiday camps only.

14. Photography/ Filming /Social Media

LIONS BASKETBALL will often film and take photographs of the sessions, camps, tournaments and games.  This media is often used for marketing, promotional and social media purposes, as well as analysis and feedback tools for coaches and players.  If you do not want your child to be included, then please inform us prior to the relevant session.

15. Insurance

LIONS BASKETBALL Public liability insurance covers our participants for the period of the advertised session.

Customer enquires / Complaints

Please direct all enquiry, feedback or complaints to the LIONS BASKETBALL Club. Please see contact details below.

Changes of Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are correct at the time of publication and stand at point of booking.  These terms are subject to change without notice.

These terms and conditions are governed by English law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Registered Address: Queenshurst Square, 313 Hamond Court, KT2 5FT, Kingston.


Telephone: 07874 030 454