Cannot recommend Lions enough. My 2 boys train with them twice a week and absolutely love it. They are basketball-mad, thanks to Lions! The coaches are completely inspiring and encourage commitment, teamwork and professionalism in all the team members. First rate training for young people.

Rebecca H - 2021

Parent (Frank/Kit)

This is a great club doing a brilliant job encouraging and developing young peoples interest in basketball. Our daughter started playing 3 months ago as a novice and the coaches have really developed her skills and enthusiasm for the sport. There is a nice balance between being very inclusive, encouraging everyone and fosterin

Colin R - 2021

Parent (Keira)

My son started training with Lions last year through school and felt immediately that this is the right place for him! The coaches are professional and friendly. They update the parents and children regularly, seeking their feedback too. The training sessions are very well organised! KEEP GOING LIONS!

Adriana S - 2020

Parent (George)

Fun way to get fit and learn new skills, also because its inside rain never stops play! Great coaches, friendly players and good ethos.

Clover F - 2020

Parent (Aaron/Francesca/Aidan)

My two sons play for Lions and would play everyday if they could. The coaches are great with the kids and have a great balance of being fun yet focused. Lions adapted the entire way through covid keeping training going via Zoom, then small groups etc. I can’t recommend Lions enough!

Kirsty B - 2020

Parent (Leo/Blake)

My daughter has played for Lions for just over a year now and loves it! Professional coaches, well organised, fun training sessions yet focused on winning and improving. My daughter has more self esteem and confidence and has made lots of new friends too.

Emma T - 2020

Parent (Elana)